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Scope of application:

               本机适用于医疗器械、耗材、卫材。如:①棉签、棉棒 ②棉片 ③棉球 ④各种手术器械 ⑤输液管⑥注射器 ⑦采样拭子 ⑧压舌板 ⑨纱布块 ⑩取样刷 ⑪塑料滴管(巴氏吸管) ⑫医用夹板 ⑬ 医用口罩 ⑭医用手套 ⑮手术服 ⑯无菌手术膜 ⑰一次性导尿包 ⑱一次性创伤处理包 ⑲各种医用导管 ⑳引流管 ㉑各种敷料贴 ㉒医用瓶口贴 ㉓外科缝合线 ㉔缝合针 ㉕妇科冲洗头 ㉖针灸针 ㉗芒针 ㉘嵌针 ㉙医用针刀 ㉚纹绣针 ㉛手术刀、刀片 ㉜退热贴 ㉝眼贴 ㉝暖宝宝 ㉟电极片
              This machine is suitable for medical instruments, consumables and medical materials. Such as: (1) cotton swabs, cotton rods (2) cotton piece (3) (4) a variety of surgical instruments (5) induced by cotton ball iv 6 injector 7) sampling swab spatula pet-name ruby gauze piece of attending the sample brush ⑪ plastic dropper (pap straw) ⑫ medical splint ⑬ medical masks ⑭ ⑮ surgery medical gloves take ⑯ ⑰ disposable urethral catheterization bag ⑱ disposable sterile surgical membrane trauma treatment package ⑲ all kinds of medical catheters, drainage tubes, and dressings, medical bottle mouth, surgical suture thread, suture needle, gynecological irrigating head, acupuncture needle, needle insertion, medical acupotomy, tattoo needle, scalpel, blade, antipyretic paste, eye paste, warm baby electrode

              This machine is suitable for pack ing var ious machine needle
Function characteristics:
            1. The machine has a wide range of uses. It belongs to the dual-use model and has the dual-use function of packaging and bag-making at the same time (it can                    also be used as bag-making).
             2, the use of mechanical transmission structure, convenient operation, convenient maintenance.
             3, can use dialysis paper packaging, can also use double-sided film packaging, double-sided aluminum foil packaging and so on.
             4, the use of frequency control, touch screen parameter setting, packaging automatic counting and other functions.

Bag making precision
Maximum bag-making speed
≤109 次×列数 
Mounting die base dimensions
200mm 长×120mm 宽
total power
The machine size
3200mm 长×1060mm 宽×14200mm 高
Machine weight (Kg)